Youth options are only applicable to participants between the ages of 18-24. 

Your Branding Sucks

Masterclass in Building a Strong Brand Foundation and Brand Guidelines Implementation

Are you ready to elevate your brand’s identity, resonate with your audience, and leave a lasting impact? Look no further. Our exclusive workshop is here to empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to transform your brand from mundane to magnificent.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner, or someone passionate about crafting a powerful brand presence, “Your Brand Sucks!” is designed to take your branding journey to new heights. From mastering logo design to harnessing the psychology of colours, from developing a compelling brand voice to unleashing the power of digital assets, this workshop is your comprehensive guide to brand mastery.



5 hours Each


Online – Zoom


9 + 10 Sep 23  | 9 AM

4 + 5 Nov 23  | 9 AM


120 USD | 800 TTD 

Only 10 spots per class

Slide Into My DMs

Social Media Strategy and Management for Start-ups

Welcome to our Social Media Strategy and Management Workshop for Start-ups! In this engaging and interactive workshop, you’ll gain valuable insights into harnessing the power of social media to drive your start-up’s growth. Let’s dive into the essentials of social media management, the significance of a well-crafted strategy, and how to seamlessly integrate it into your overall digital marketing plan.

Objective: The workshop aims to provide startup entrepreneurs with practical insights and strategies for effectively utilizing social media platforms to enhance brand visibility, engage with their target audience, and drive business growth.


5 hours


Online – Zoom


16 Sep 23  | 9 AM

17 Sep 23  | 9 AM

14 Oct 23  | 9 AM

15 Oct 23  | 9 AM


45 USD | 300 TTD 

Only 10 spots per class

Introduction | 15 minutes

  • Welcome and icebreaker activity.
  • Brief overview of the importance of social media for start-ups.
  • Introduction of the workshop facilitators and their expertise.


Session 1: Understanding Social Media Basics | 45 minutes

  • Overview of popular social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.).
  • Differentiating between B2B and B2C social media strategies.
  • Identifying the target audience and their preferences on each platform.
  • Case studies of start-ups that successfully leveraged social media for growth.


Session 2: Developing a Solid Social Media Strategy | 60 minutes

  • Setting clear goals: Brand awareness, lead generation, community building, etc.
  • Crafting a unique value proposition for social media.
  • Defining key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure success.
  • Creating a content calendar: Types of content, posting frequency, and timing.
  • Hands-on activity: Participants create a basic content calendar for their start-up.


Break – 15 minutes

Session 3: Content Creation and Curation | 75 minutes

  • Understanding the importance of high-quality and engaging content.
  • Visual content best practices: Images, videos, infographics, etc.
  • User-generated content and leveraging user testimonials.
  • Introduction to content creation tools and resources.
  • Workshop activity: Collaborative brainstorming of content ideas for different stages of the sales funnel.


Session 4: Social Media Advertising | 45 minutes

  • Introduction to paid social media advertising.
  • Different ad formats and objectives (awareness, engagement, conversion).
  • Budgeting and targeting options to reach the desired audience.
  • Monitoring and optimizing ad performance.
  • Case study: How a start-up scaled using social media ads.


Lunch Break –  45 minutes

Session 5: Engaging with the Audience | 60 minutes

  • The art of community engagement and building relationships.
  • Responding to comments, messages, and feedback effectively.
  • Using storytelling to humanize the brand.
  • Turning negative feedback into positive outcomes.
  • Workshop activity: Crafting responses to different types of social media interactions.


Session 6: Analytics and Measurement | 45 minutes

  • Importance of tracking and analysing social media metrics.
  • Overview of analytics tools (e.g., Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics).
  • Measuring KPIs and adjusting strategies accordingly.
  • Workshop activity: Interpreting sample social media reports and deriving insights.


Break – 15 minutes


Session 7: Long-Term Sustainability | 45 minutes

  • Adapting strategies to evolving social media trends.
  • Scaling up social media efforts as the start-up grows.
  • Building a consistent brand voice and identity.
  • Incorporating user feedback for continuous improvement.
  • Group discussion: Sharing challenges and solutions for long-term social media success.


Session 8: Creating an Action Plan | 30 minutes

  • Summarizing key takeaways from the workshop.
  • Participants reflect on their learnings and insights.
  • Guided activity: Developing a personalized social media action plan for their start-up.
  • Q&A session: Addressing any remaining doubts or questions.


Wrap-up and Networking | 15 minutes

  • Thanking participants for their active engagement.
  • Sharing contact information and resources for ongoing support.
  • Open networking session for participants to connect with each other and the facilitators.


Visual + Experience Design

Are you ready to revolutionise your brand and make an unforgettable mark in your industry? Join our “Identity – Visual And Experience Design” Workshop and embark on a  journey with  brand strategist and creative guru, Stefan Rampersad.

In this immersive workshop, you’ll learn how to go beyond aesthetics and delve into the heart and soul of your brand. This isn’t just about colours and logos; it’s about crafting an identity that resonates, tells a compelling story, and captures the essence of your business.


3 hours


Online – Zoom


24 Sep 23 | 9 AM

22 Oct 23 | 9 AM


45 USD | 300 TTD 

Only 10 spots per class

Identity - Visual and Experience Design workshop - Course Outline

Introduction | 15 minutes

  • Welcome and introduction to the workshop’s purpose and objectives.
  • Icebreaker activity


Session 1: Understanding Brand Identity | 30 minutes

  • Explanation of what brand identity encompasses: logo, colours, typography, messaging, values, etc.
  • Presentation on the significance of a strong brand identity for business success.


Session 2: Creating Your Brand Elements | 45 minutes

  • Interactive activity: Mood board creation using magazines, images, and materials provided.
  • Group discussion on the symbolism behind the selected elements.


Break | 15 minutes


Session 3: Defining Brand Messaging and Voice | 30 minutes

  • Presentation on the importance of consistent messaging and brand voice.
  • Hands-on exercise: Participants draft a vision statement and create sample messages that reflect the brand’s voice.


Session 4: Designing Visual Identity | 45 minutes

  • Introduction to colour psychology and typography principles.
  • Interactive activity: Selecting a colour palette and typography that resonate with the brand’s essence.


Break | 10 minutes


Session 5: Bringing the Brand to Life | 30 minutes

  • Discussion on translating brand identity into customer experiences and touchpoints.
  • Group brainstorming: How to incorporate the brand identity into packaging, user interfaces, and more.


Session 6: Implementing and Maintaining Consistency | 20 minutes

  • Guidelines for applying the brand identity consistently across different platforms.
  • Importance of brand audits and regular check-ins to ensure consistency.


Wrap-up and Q&A | 15 minutes

  • Recap of key takeaways from the workshop.
  • Open floor for participants’ questions and clarifications.


Action Plan and Next Steps | 10 minutes

  • Brief overview of the steps participants can take after the workshop.
  • Distribution of resources, templates, and references for further learning.

Brand Positioning

Don't Just Blend In, Stand Out and Crush It!

By the end of this 5-hour workshop, participants will have gained the skills and knowledge needed to create impactful brand positioning strategies. They will leave with a toolkit of techniques, practical exercises, and case studies to reference as they enhance their brand’s positioning in the market. Through interactive sessions and collaborative activities, participants will be well-equipped to drive their brand’s success in the competitive business landscape.


5 hours


Online – Zoom


30 Sep 23 | 9 AM

29 Oct 23 | 9 AM


45 USD | 300 TTD 

Only 10 spots per class

In this comprehensive 5-hour workshop, participants will delve into the art and science of brand positioning. They will gain a deep understanding of what brand positioning is, why it matters, and how to develop effective positioning strategies that resonate with target audiences. Through a combination of interactive discussions, case studies, and hands-on exercises, participants will leave with practical skills and knowledge to enhance their brand’s competitive edge.

Introduction to Brand Positioning | 30 minutes

  • Welcome and participant introductions
  • Defining brand positioning and its significance
  • Exploring successful brand positioning examples

Session 1: Understanding Your Target Audience | 1 hour

  • Identifying and segmenting target audiences
  • Conducting market research to gather insights
  • Crafting customer personas
  • Activity: Group exercise on creating customer personas for different brands

Session 2: Analysing the Competitive Landscape | 1 hour

  • Conducting a competitive analysis
  • Identifying key competitors and their positioning strategies
  • SWOT and PESTLE analysis for understanding competitive advantages
  • Activity: Analysing competitors’ positioning using a template

Break | 15 minutes

Session 3: Your Unique Value Proposition | 1 hour

  • Defining unique value proposition (UVP)
  • Aligning UVP with customer needs and aspirations
  • Communicating UVP effectively
  • Activity: Developing UVPs for different products/services

Session 4: Developing Your Brand Positioning Strategy | 1 hour

  • Positioning based on features and benefits
  • Positioning based on emotions and values
  • Positioning based on price and quality
  • Activity: Group discussion on selecting positioning strategies for specific brands

Lunch Break | 30 minutes

Session 5: Communicating Your Brand Position | 45 minutes

  • Choosing the right communication channels
  • Creating consistent brand messaging
  • Integrating brand positioning into marketing campaigns
  • Activity: Designing a mock marketing campaign centred around brand positioning

Session 6: Monitoring and Adapting Your Brand Positioning | 45 minutes

  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) for brand positioning
  • Regular assessment and measurement
  • Making adjustments based on market changes
  • Activity: Scenario-based exercise on adapting positioning strategies

Break | 15 minutes

Session 7: Case Studies of Effective Brand Positioning | 1 hour

  • In-depth analysis of real-world brand positioning success stories
  • Lessons learned from different industries
  • Q&A session with guest speaker 

Session 8: Interactive Group Workshop | 1 hour

  • Participants work in groups on their brand positioning strategies
  • Peer review and feedback session
  • Facilitator provides guidance and suggestions

Wrap-up and Actionable Takeaways | 30 minutes

  • Summarise key workshop points
  • Sharing additional resources for ongoing learning
  • Participants outline their personalised brand positioning action plans
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