The Graphic Cemetery

Digital art developed from photography from Lapeyrouse Cemetery in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.

During Trinidad’s Spanish occupation, an area east of the present Lapeyrouse Cemetery was used as a burial ground and known as the “Old Cemetery”. The oldest headstone was that of Jean Creteau, dated 1745. The date that the Port of Spain’s Cabildo purchased the land containing the “New Cemetery” is not known.

Gerald Besson states: Lapeyrouse cemetery in Port of Spain is one of the best examples of this country’s cosmopolitan population…. there are rows of graves with Chinese inscriptions as well as small mansions for the French aristocratic dead. Elegant monuments commemorate the more conservative British and imposing rotundas and tall obelisks eminent Freemasons of a different century.

Among those buried in the Lapeyrouse Cemetery was Trinidad’s great nineteenth century artist, Michel-Jean Cazabon, who died in 1888, is also buried here.