“Rise” is an evocative art collection comprising five compelling pieces that powerfully illustrate and symbolize the profound impact of the pandemic on our humanity. Each artwork within this collection delves into the emotional journey of individuals as they navigate through the challenges of vulnerability, resilience, courage, faith, and pride.

Vulnerability. The first piece in the collection, “Vulnerability,” captures the raw and tender essence of human fragility amid the pandemic. The artwork portrays an human encountering and embracing the reality of space, silence and the break from the ritualistic life. Here, they are unwillingly exposed to emotions and fears. The use of colours conveys this sense of self-intimacy, but emphasized the shared experience of vulnerability that unites us all.

Resilience. “Resilience,” the second piece, embodies the indomitable spirit of human perseverance during adversity. Through bold and vibrant hues, the artwork portrayed the movement toward standing tall against the storm, demonstrating their unwavering strength and determination. The use of dynamic lines creates a sense of motion, signifying the ongoing journey of resilience that continues to shape us.

Courage. “Courage” serves as the centrepiece of the collection, capturing the bravery displayed by individuals in confronting the challenges head-on. The artwork portrays the in-between figure symbolic element representing the mental trials to keep moving. Through a skilful interplay of light and shadow, this is an emphasis on the strength found in the depths of adversity.

Faith. The fourth piece, “Faith,” explores the profound significance of belief and hope in the face of uncertainty. Drawing inspiration from various cultural and spiritual inspiration, the artwork weaves a tapestry of faith that transcends borders and languages. The use of a busy background adds depth and texture, mirroring the complexity of faith as a guiding force through the darkest of times.

Pride. The final piece, “Pride,” celebrates the collective sense of accomplishment and unity that emerges from overcoming shared struggles. Bold and jubilant colours dance across the canvas, representing the vibrant tapestry of humanity coming together to emerge from the shadows of the pandemic. The artwork captures the joy and renewed sense of purpose that arises when an individual rise above challenges as a united force.

“Rise” art collection eloquently encapsulates the universal human experience during the pandemic, exploring the intricacies of vulnerability, resilience, courage, faith, and pride. Each piece serves as a testament to the strength of the human spirit, offering reflection of the challenges faced, the hope cultivated, and the growth achieved. The collection serves both as an inspiration and a reminder that even in the darkest moments, humanity possesses the power to rise above and transcend, united in our shared journey.