What is VOOSH?

VOOSH is a TaaS (Transport as a Service) app that connects drivers everywhere to people who need stuff delivered.

Who can use VOOSH?

Anyone can use VOOSH. Whether you’re an individual, an entrepreneur, a corporation or a driver.
How does VOOSH “change everything” about transport and delivery services?

Faster, technology-driven delivery means people can deliver more things, for more reasons to more people.

What kinds of things can transport/ deliver?

When we say Move Anything we mean it. You can transport everything from a small letter, to large appliances or even vehicles. You want it moved, we’re going to move it.

Who delivers my stuff?

VOOSH is a community of drivers. Depending on the type and location of your delivery, a driver, who is a member of our vetted community, who has been inducted as part of the VOOSH team will deliver anything you need delivered. Your transaction will be tasked to the nearest driver to your location who has the appropriate vehicle for your specific needs.

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