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“Bleeding Heart” is a poignant art collection that delves into the emotional landscape of the pandemic-induced loss. Each artwork features a bleeding heart symbol in a spectrum of colours, representing the diverse array of emotions experienced during these challenging times.

Shades of green, signifies growth and renewal. It reflects the resilience and strength that emerged amidst adversity, symbolizing the hope that life can regenerate and flourish even in the face of loss.

Hues of yellow, exudes optimism and brightness. It represents the rays of hope that pierced through the darkness of grief, reminding viewers to find moments of joy and cherish connections with loved ones.

Blue portrays the complexities of sorrow and introspection. Lighter blues evoke moments of serenity and contemplation, while deeper blues express the weight of collective grief and the significance of coming together in solidarity.

Orange, conveys warmth and energy. It captures the passionate emotions experienced during the pandemic, reflecting the intensity of love and compassion that united communities during challenging times.

Red embodies the rawness of pain and heartache. It symbolizes the profound impact of loss, while also highlighting the strength that arises from embracing vulnerability and acknowledging our shared humanity.

“Bleeding Heart” serves as a visual tapestry of the human experience during the pandemic, embracing the myriad emotions evoked by loss. Each artwork portrays a unique facet of our collective journey, inviting viewers to reflect on the transformative power of emotions and the importance of cherishing life’s connections. The collection stands as a tribute to the resilience of the human spirit and the healing potential of art in navigating grief, finding hope, and fostering unity amidst the challenges we face together.